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Encore aims to achieve a balance between sustainability and helping disadvantaged communities through music.

Cool Kid

How it Started

Encore Project emerged out of a pursuit to inspire and support the community, and a desire to recycle and rehome musical instruments that would otherwise be destined for landfill.

Established in 2020, Encore Project was born from a single guitar repair and although it was a purely aesthetic fix, it sparked an urge to recycle and rehome forgotten and broken instruments, to those who'd benefit most.

We Are Sustainable

Our mission isn't only to help disadvantaged youth get their music wings, it's also to save our landfills of unnecessary waste from discarded instruments.

We don't want to contribute to 67 million tonnes of waste that gets pilled into Aussie landfill every year and aim to reduce, reuse and recycle what we can where we can.

If you have an instrument in need of TLC that you'd like to donate get in touch now.

Plastic Bag in Ocean
Fixing a Violin
From Broken to Rock'in

We restore any instruments, from brass and string to percussion and electronic instruments, if we can't fix it ourselves we'll learn how, or seek help from volunteers.  Encore will try as hard as possible to save an instrument from the tip and get it into the hands of a kid, giving it the encore it deserves.


Click below to see some videos of our restoration process and progress.

Piano Lesson
Nominate a Kid

Help us find home s for our instruments! We accept nominations for kid's between the ages of  3-18 years who are disadvantaged, vulnerable and/or marginalised, who are excluded from social, economic and/or educational opportunities enjoyed by other adolescents in their community due to numerous factors beyond their control.


We are discreet, and do not share our nominations publicly unless we have express consent from the family and kids.

Fun with Guitar
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